About Us

Founded in 1999, ICE Pharma Group (IPG) has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Generic Licensing Industry.  Having  helped our customers to launch their products into all of the worldwide pharmaceutical markets.  At IPG we have the unrivalled ability to offer our customers and partners the complete spectrum of regulatory and supply chain services to suit their requirements.

IPG are proud of the fact we are flexible to our customers needs, we will work with you on how best to achieve what it is you are looking for, without the addition of unnecessary processes and costs to what you are trying to achieve.  We operate on a streamlined team basis, enabling the job to get done by the most appropriate person, without a big hierarchy.

IPG has some of the most experienced Generics Professionals within its Management Team and these have founded this highly professional organisation and made it what it is today.  The team are very much hands on and will see your project through every step of the way. 

IPG welcome any opportunity to speak with you as a customer or potential customer, we prefer to think of you colleagues.  We like to do things outside of the norm and are always happy to discuss any ideas you have.  We find that being a smaller and more adaptable organisation often works in our favour.

In some of the work we do for smaller organisations, we are proud to represent you as your  complete marketing, operations and logistics teams, meaning you can remain small with limited overheads and let us so this for you.

Please do fill in our contact form and we look forward to talking with you.

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